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Executive Aircraft Databases


Welcome to my Bizz Jet / Bizz Prop download pages

N829CB Citation Bravo [550-0829] at Southend

G-BVCM CitationJet [525-0022] at Southend


My name is Simon Hills, I have been spotting since 1984 and up until the beginning of Septenber 2004 have lived about 5 miles from Southend Airport U.K. (EGMC).

On September 3rd 2004 I emigrated permanently to New Zealand, to a small town called Levin which is about an hour and a quarters drive North of Wellington New Zealand

Hopefully I may have more time to get my databases up to date and keep this website a bit more current.

I have kept databases of current registrations of Executive Jets and Props for about one year now. These databases have been updated regularly from various sources including Aviation Letter, email groups including Civil Spotters, Biz-Prop Jets and from personal sightings.

The databases are available for download from the links below and will be updated approximately monthly

 Bizz Jets DBaseIV dbf file (668 kb) 

Bizz Props DBaseIV dbf file (596 kb)


I have also uploaded the files in both Excel 2000 and Excel 5 format for anyone who cannot access the database format. These are also zipped up to save time and space (Use Winzip or similar to unzip).

Bizz Jets Excel 2000 xls file Zipped(571 kb) 

Bizz Props Excel 2000 xls file Zipped (393 kb)


Bizz Jets Excel 5 xls file Zipped (288 kb)

Bizz Props Excel 5 xls file Zipped (196 kb)


Any registrations marked * are reserved / requested.

All these files were last updated/uploaded on 18th April 2003

SX-DCI Citation V Ultra (560-0366) at Southend

I-ZOOM Learjet 35A (35A-135) at Southend 


** Please let me know if you need any other format and I will try to accommodate you.**


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